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Making Sense of Your Reality Capture Data

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Whether you’re a civil engineer, land surveyor, or working in a different discipline in the AEC industry, you can likely find a use for capturing existing conditions to create a digital model. As adoption of reality capture technology grows, new challenges arise for those using the data. If you’re using…

3 Ways to Use 3D Laser Scanning that You Didn’t Think Of

Updated on February 23, 2017, Author: , Category: Blog, Tags: ,, , No Comments

Laser scanning technology is on the rise in the AEC industry and beyond. The Leica BLK360, coming this spring, will bring the cost of entry into laser scanning down to unprecedented levels—opening up new opportunities for companies and industries that were unable to justify high costs in the past. As…

5 Misconceptions about Scanning

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3D laser scanning is a powerful asset for the AEC industry. But the utilization is lower than it should be based on some common misconceptions rooted in out-of-date information. Technology is moving the AEC industry forward, and you may not be able to afford to ignore it in the future….

Why You Need the BLK360 Even If You Already Use Scanning

Updated on January 10, 2017, Author: , Category: Blog, Tags: ,, , No Comments

If you were at Autodesk University in November or following along with those who were on social media, you may have caught wind of the BLK360 announcement from Autodesk and Leica Geosystems. Excitement is high for this new scanner throughout the industry. The low price point has the opportunity to…

It’s Time for Architects to Embrace 3D Laser Scanning, Too

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BIM is rapidly becoming more and more prevalent in the AEC industry. As this growth occurs, implementing 3D laser scanning can help designers and engineers process more information and create smoother workflows for a project. For architects, 3D laser scanning is beneficial at all stages of a project.

The Next Generation of Laser Scanning

Updated on December 7, 2016, Author: , Category: Blog, Tags: ,,, , No Comments

Born of the partnership between Autodesk and Leica Geosystems, the Leica BLK360 is a revolutionary 3D imaging laser scanner. It quickly became a hot topic around the exhibit hall and on social media when it was announced at Autodesk University in November. The consensus is: BLK360 is a game changer…

Our Favorite Things from Autodesk University 2016

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Last week, several members of the U.S. CAD technical team were among the almost 10,000 people in attendance at this year’s Autodesk University. Throughout the week, attendees had the opportunity to network, learn, and discover new technologies that are transforming the way things are designed and built. What We Learned At…

[Known Issue] Civil 3D Performance Degradation

Updated on November 4, 2016, Author: , Category: Blog, Tags: , , 2 Comments

Some Civil 3D users have been experiencing major performance degradation issues causing files to take 5 minutes or more to open. Users that have noticed this issue have reported that plotting is slow and the Purge command is taking up to a minute for the dialog box to open and…