Erin Lucian

What's New in Autodesk 2018 for Building Design?

Apr 20: What’s New for Building Design in Autodesk 2018

The annual Autodesk product release is upon us. For users on subscription, products like Revit, 3ds Max, etc. are ready to be downloaded and used right away! Whether you’re an architect, a contractor, an MEP designer, structural engineer or otherwise involved in building design and construction, here’s what’s new for you in Autodesk 2018!

Collaboration Trends in the Building Industry

Apr 13: Digital Project Management + More Collaboration Trends in the Building Industry

Adopting BIM isn’t just about taking the information from blueprints (and anything that might be stapled to them) and putting them on a computer. BIM allows for cross-site and cross-team collaboration and real-time updates to ALL your project documentation. Here are 3 collaboration trends happening in the building and construction industry to keep an eye on this year.

Point Cloud Processing Workflow

Mar 07: Making Sense of Your Reality Capture Data

If you’re using reality capture today or starting to explore the technology, you may have discovered that in order to make sense of data you collect, there is a little bit of work to do between actually capturing the data and using it in your Civil 3D drawings. Here’s a quick overview of the workflow you can follow to take your point cloud data to Civil 3D.