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AUTHOR: James Lord
James Lord brings more than 12 years of industry experience to his role as Solutions Consultant for U.S. CAD. Prior to joining U.S. CAD, Mr. Lord served in several BIM Manager and Specialist roles at KPFF, where he designed and created 3D models which were used in the construction of commercial, residential, government, and roadway projects. He was also responsible for pioneering, testing, evaluating, and deploying CAD standards and BIM modeling practices for his entire team, as well as providing training and mentoring. Mr. Lord’s other BIM Management duties included software management and customization, development of BIM standards and workflows, supervision and maintenance of software templates, technology evaluation and budgeting, and hardware and network support for BIM production. Mr. Lord also leverages his industry and software expertise to host “Becoming Civilized”, a YouTube series dedicated to the relationship between Revit and Civil 3D, where he shares best practices and new technologies geared towards the AEC community.