New Training Class: Modeling Hardscape and Topography

Ever model Revit elements on site topography and can’t quite get them to follow the exact contours? Want to learn how to build straight walls, curved walls, sidewalks, curbs, stairs, planters, roads, and other hardscape elements of any shape or size that follow the exact shape and contour of any site topography element? Then join Marcello Sgambellurifor one of our newest training classes in Los Angeles and Newport Beach!

Adapted from the highest-rated session at Autodesk University, this one-day course also teaches you how to model site topography to match the location and shape of hardscape elements. No third-party programs, API programming, or other programs other than Revit are used! This class first introduces fundamental concepts that will become the foundation for which all the element modeling will be created from. This class also shows how to work with those stubborn site topographies to get them to do what you need. Registration is currently open but space is limited, so don’t wait!

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