New Autodesk InfraWorks Basics Training

U.S. CAD is now offering a new InfraWorks Basics training module that will help you gain the necessary skills to search for, import, and configure data to build a model of your area in Autodesk Infraworks. Each lesson covers a specific type of data, going in the recommended order from terrain to 3D models.

When you register for this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Speed the civil infrastructure design process
  • Quickly generate 3D models to create infrastructure designs and proposals in the context of the built environment with Autodesk® InfraWorks™ software (formerly Autodesk® Infrastructure Modeler)
  • Accelerate the design process, and streamline decision making
  • Rapidly generate data-rich proposals to better predict how design alternatives may perform in the existing environment, and more effectively communicate with stakeholders

If you are interested in a dedicated training session or an open enrollment at one of our other locations, contact us at!

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