Access Aerial Map Imagery in Civil 3D Like a Pro!

Aerial map imagery is definitely an underused feature in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Not so long ago, analyzing real-world scenarios on a regular home desktop or mobile computer was unimaginable. In the past, aerial map imagery was reserved for more vital purposes and users. Now, online maps come in much higher resolutions and have proven to be extremely useful in many arenas beyond infrastructure engineering. Georeference imagery, another term used for aerial map imagery, has proven to be VERY helpful especially in our discipline of Infrastructure engineering as you can now design to the greatest and most accurate detail. After watching this short video, you will absolutely increase your geospatial knowledge.

If you are new to applying online maps to your workflow, this video will teach you how to gain access to the free online maps already available within Civil 3D. In this Pro Tech Tip video, we go over the simple, but necessary steps in order to access Online Maps within Civil 3D. And the best part of it all is the aerial map imagery service is FREE! There are a few settings we use daily that we share with you to improve production speed & accuracy. Learn how to easily display aerial map imagery in an AutoCAD Civil 3D Drawing in less than 10 minutes!

what you WILL LEARN:

  • How to Access Online Maps
  • Coordinates Settings
  • Display Imagery
  • Imagery Cropping

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