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What Clients Say about U.S. CAD

U.S. CAD prides itself on best-in-class customer service and satisfaction. We work hard to provide our customers with information and support about the latest BIM and CAD solutions and services. Here’s what our clients have to say about their experience working with U.S. CAD and our experienced team.

The training was set to my knowledge level, was very explanatory, and [Bruce White] answered most of my questions. I really gained a lot of information and, more importantly, the confidence to move ahead with this scanning operation. Thank you again for your training, knowledge, professionalism, and time. It is of great help and I will highly recommend this training to other surveyors who are intersted in or looking into scanning.- Earl G. Watts, Shephard Wesnitzer, Inc.

Melanie [Zubok] is very knowledgeable and personable – a great teacher. I think I have a great base to start with this exciting software. I really enjoyed her class.- Wes Correll, Ron Martin & Associates, Inc.

This was my first course with U.S. CAD and Melanie [Zubok] and I enjoyed it. Melanie was helpful and kept the class going in an orderly structure. She was very helpful in answering all my questions. Thank you!- Nicolyn Hernandez, Bakersfield Land

KaDe [King] showed not only knowledge, but expertise in every aspect of AutoCAD. This was passed on to me in a way that was easy to understand and absorb. I believe this class will increase my productivity fivefold.- Bobby Wheatley, Agrimass

KaDe [King] has great energy and passion for teaching AutoCAD. This material can be dry, but she makes it much more enjoyable.- Kenna Ryman, Bush Interiors
We use U.S. CAD because they are simply the best at training and technical support of Autodesk products, especially when it comes to civil engineering. I can buy the products from anyone, but I want to buy from someone who is going to have the technical expertise to help me get the most out of the product after the sale.- Michael Eyre, Washington Infrastructure Services

The instructor was able to present the material such that I was able to apply mentally what she taught to an application at my workplace. Very easy to understand and follow.- Cynthia Teague, Shell Oil Products

I really enjoyed the class I took with Melanie last week. I thought she was honestly one of the best instructors I have had for any class I’ve taken. Her personality meshes well with keeping people interested. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.- Scott Lawson, Vulcan Materials Company

Melanie [Zubok] is a great instructor. I am very satisfied with the outcome.- Joe Drake, enXco

U.S. CAD has provided David Jay Flood Architect with outstanding service and information. We have had a great experience with our representative that provided us with concise information and support. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with U.S. CAD.- Jerry Sherman, David Jay Flood Architect